Congrats Jennifer and Aditya, winners of the ACTS Top Poster Presenter Award!

Aditya Mahadevan
Jennifer Pruitt

There were over 220 posters at the ACTS conference last week. 

One of our “CTS Teams” – Jennifer Pruitt and Aditya Mahadevan – received perfect scores from all judges that interacted with them in the poster session, earning them a “Top Poster Presenter Award”.

Jennifer is a PhD candidate in the Nursing Sciences PhD program in the UF College of Nursing.  Aditya is an MD-PhD student pursuing his PhD degree in the Physiology & Aging concentration of the Biomedical Sciences PhD program in the UF College of Medicine.  Both are also pursuing a second PhD concentration in Clinical & Translational Science and are supported by the UF CTSI TL1 training grant, which is unique in its team science approach for translational research training.  The title of their poster presentation was “A CTS Team Approach to Fetal Hyperinsulinemia in Diabetic Pregnancy and its Effects on Vasculature and Early Life Metabolism.”