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The MD-PhD Directorate and Scholars are wishing you a Happy Birthday!! May this year be one filled with outstanding accomplishments:

Chu Hsiao- September 4th

Rebecca Henderson-September 5th

Leanne Dumeny- September 15th

Jack Figg- September 20th

Yara Skaf- September 30th

Happy Birthday

Scholar Participation in MD-PhD Plans and Operations

One or two scholars will participate on the Directorate/OBRCD meetings as representatives of the UF MD-PhD Scholar Council. These will usually be the Chair and Co-chair of the Scholar Council. These positions should turnover annually or biannually. MD-PhD Scholars are regularly involved in curriculum/course development. The Scholar Council will designate specific student classes to participate in or be responsible for planning and implementation of specific programs.

The UF MD-PhD Community

The UF MD-PhD program is designed to foster a close-knit supportive community of physician-scientists. The nature and quality of MD-PhD students’ interactions with fellow students and mentors are vital to the socialization of students in the community of scholars and in developing confidence and expertise to be successful scientists and clinicians. Having a large group of MD-PhD students who know each other and spend time together helps greatly.

To aid in the retention of trainees, their academic performance and research progress will be followed closely by the MD-PhD Directorate via regular review of Individual Development Plans (IDPs) with mentors, monitoring of academic performance and participation in professional and career development activities, and annual personal interviews. Close monitoring will allow early intervention if the need arises, which may take advantage of services offered by the UF HSC Graduate Medical Education Office and/or Counseling and Student Health Services available at the college and university level.

MD-PhD Scholar Council

The MD-PhD Scholars will nominate and elect Scholars to the MD-PhD Scholar Council, which meets at least quarterly. In addition to a Chair and Co-chair, the several phases of the MD-PhD Program are represented, including Medical Student MS 1&2, Graduate Students GS 1&2, GS 3-5, and MS 3-4. Each group will have a representative and an alternate. They will meet quarterly with the Directorate to discuss issues of mutual interest.

MD-PhD Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is a subcommittee of the MD-PhD Scholar Council. Under the leadership of the Wellness Chair, these scholars foster camaraderie between students within our program.

With financial support from the Program Directorate. Wellness events are designed by a committee of scholars from the UF MD-PhD Scholar Council to promote camaraderie, peer support, and long-lasting relationships between scholars.

MD-PhD Wellness Council
2019-20 MD-PhD Wellness Council – 5K Run, Fall 2019

Graduate Student Lounge

The lounge, located on the ground floor of the Communicore Building next to the OBRCD, provides graduate students from all six of UF’s health science colleges with a comfortable space to interact and take a break from their busy schedules. Graduate students helped design the space, which features natural light and includes three Apple TVs, two refrigerators, and two microwaves.

The images on this page were taken prior to national guidelines of face coverings and social distancing.