Career Development Opportunities

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Opportunities for Teaching and Mentoring

Scholars interested in teaching as a career goal should identify this interest in the Individual Development Plan and develop a plan  to meet this need with their mentor in one or more didactic courses. Scholars may also gain hands-on experience mentoring undergraduate members of the American Physician Scientist Association (APSA) undergraduate chapter at UF.

Career Interest Seminars

The bi-weekly MD-PhD scholar meetings will feature speakers each year from academia, of course, but will also include scientists with careers in entrepreneurship/start-ups, industries such as big pharma, regulatory/government (e.g. FDA, NIH), science advocacy, and community outreach, and education.

Grant Writing

All scholars will be encouraged to participate in GMS 5905: Grant Writing course directed by Dr. Clayton Mathews at the end of GS1. This 14-week course not only provides both didactic information on the grant funding process and the preparation of an effective application, but also produces some sections of an actual grant application. Most scholars will apply for the F30 Award from NIH.

UF Graduate Professional Development Resources

Campus Partners and Programs

The Graduate School supports UF graduate students’ professional development by creating programming, and collaborating with various units and colleagues across campus on a number of professional development opportunities available throughout the year. Our campus partners include:

Upcoming Events

The Graduate School provides resources throughout the year, through the following activities:

Professional and Personal Development Resources Across Campus

You can also find workshops, training, and other resources available across campus scheduled throughout the year: