Program Events Attended by All MD-PhD scholars

Scholarly Monthly Meetings with Leadership

The monthly meetings are restricted to UF MD-PhD scholars, directorate members, and invited faculty.

Scholarly Monthly Meetings with Leadership

The function of the meetings are: 1) communication of program activities, UF MD-PhD scholar achievements, meeting dates, etc.; 2) organizational reports from the UF MD-PhD student council and its wellness committee, UF COM, and UF Graduate School, etc.; and 3) Developmental issues with time set aside for workshops for introduction of new MD-PhD programs. Scholar attendance is required.

MDPHD Student Group Photo

attendance required

Fall Retreat

The Fall Retreat allows scholars the opportunity to present on their research and learn from their peers, graduate student mentors, and the MD-PhD directorate.

Fall retreat photo networking

translational science conference


The Association for Clinical and Translational Science hosts an annual event that allows researchers to share their work, explore research from a variety of fields of study, network with other professionals and explore the nation’s capital.

ACTS 2018