Research Mentors

The UF HSC, with its six Health Science Colleges, provides excellent opportunities for interdisciplinary training through its large pool of potential mentors. Our mentor pool is large enough not only to provide the Scholar with a range of primary mentors, but also to have several co-mentors, which would enrich their dissertation research.

A primary mentor is defined as a faculty member who has a track record of training as a mentor and has departmental or grant funds to support the GS1-4 years of the Scholar’s MD-PhD Training. UF HSC also has a category of mentors-in-development for junior faculty who have not achieved the mentor criteria. A list of approved mentors has been drawn from the 284 faculty already formally identified as mentors on T Awards. These mentors, by definition, have agreed to commit time and effort to the mentoring of MD-PhD Scholars.

Clinical Mentors

The challenge of starting clinical training after graduate school will be lessened by the Scholar’s Clinical Mentor who will meet regularly with the Scholars in GS 1-4 for case presentations, review of the history and physical process, and other shadowing experiences. They will also advise and oversee the Scholar’s longitudinal clinical experience in the Equal Access Clinic.

Neuroscience Department

Jose Abisambra, PhD

Biological processes critical to neuronal function that converge with endoplasmic reticulum proteins

Jose Abisambra

Oral Biology Department

Jacqueline Abranches, PhD

Bacterial adhesins’ role in systemic infections & diseases

Jacqueline Abranches

Medicinal Chemistry

Jane Aldrich, PhD

Drug discovery & development, peptide medicinal chemistry, opioid & anticancer peptides

Jane Aldrich

Materials Science & Engineering Department

Josephine Allen, PhD

Stem cell differentiation & engineering, cell material interactions, tissue engineering & regenerative medicine

Josephine Allen

Biomedical Engineering Department

Kyle Allen, PhD

Clinical translation of emerging diagnostics & amp; therapeutics for joint diseases

Kyle Allen

Physiology & Functional Genomics Department

Abdel Alli, MPH-PhD

Regulation of sodium transport mechanisms in the aldosterone-sensitive distal nephron as they contribute to hypertension

Abdel Alli

Aging & Geriatric Research Department

Stephen Anton, PhD

Lifestyle based & alternative treatment modalities for addressing obesity & Type 2 Diabetes

Stephen Anton

Ophthalmology Department

John Ash, PhD

Employing endogenously expressed cytokines to hinder retinal degeneration

John Ash

Pathology Department

Mark Atkinson, PhD

Preventing or curing Type 1 Diabetes with gene therapy & amp; immunointerventions with self-antigens

Mark Atkinson

Surgery Department

Scott Berceli, MD-PhD

Computational fluid dynamics, vascular adaptation, peripheral bypass graft & arteriovenous dialysis fistula

Scott Berceli

Department of Pediatrics- Infectious Diseases

Sumita Bhaduri-McIntosh, MD-PhD

Epstein-Barr virus & amp; B cell interaction models cancer development & progression

Sumita Bhaduri-McIntosh

Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics Department

Jiang Bian, PhD

Network science, consumer health informatics, big data analytics, social media, security & privacy, software engineering

Jiang Bian

Department of Medicine, Nephrology Division

Azra Bihorac, MD

Role of acute kidney injury in outcomes of severe trauma & sepsis

Azra Bihorac

Neuroscience Department

Jennifer Bizon, PhD

Aging, memory, executive function, & plasticity

Jennifer Bizon

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

David Bloom, PhD

Regulation of Herpes Simplex virus latency & reactivation, & amp; novel therapies to treat HSV

David Bloom

Physiological Sciences Department

Donald Bolser, PhD

Neurogenesis of cough; brainstem cough network configuration

Donald Bolser

Neuroscience Department

David Borchelt, PhD

Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, ALS, neurodegeneration, & protein misfolding

David Borchelt

Clinical & Health Psychology DepartmENT

Dawn Bowers, PhD

Neuropsychology of emotion, basal ganglia & amp; limbic functions in emotion, TMS, psychophysiology, laterality, forensic europsychology

Dawn Bowers

Department of Pediatrics- Cellular & Molecular Therapy

Shannon Boye, PhD

Rationale design of adeno-associated viral vectors for gene therapy for retinal diseases

Department of Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, & Sleep Medicine Division,

Mark Brantly, MD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease & role of inflammation in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency

Mark Brantly

Institute for Therapeutics & amp; Innovation Department

Ashley Brown, PhD

Antivirals & amp; pharmacodynamics

Ashley Brown

Biostatistics Department

Babette Brumback, PhD

Statistics in epidemiology, clinical trials, longitudinal data analysis, causal inference, & complex surveys

Babette Brumback

Pathology Department

Todd Brusko, PhD

Developing therapies to prevent and/or cure Type 1 Diabetes

Todd Brusko

Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research Department

Jurgen Bulitta, PhD

Time course modeling in pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics

Jurgen Bulitta

Neuroscience Department

Sara Burke, PhD

Uncovering mechanisms of age-related impairment in hippocampal-dependent sensory discrimination

Sara Burke

Oral Biology Department

Robert Burne Jr., PhD

Weakening the virulence of disease-inducing oral bacteria through molecular mechanisms

Robert Burne

Child Health Research Institute Department

Barry Byrne, MD-PhD

Genetic therapies for cardiovascular disease, muscular dystrophies, & lysosomal storage disorders

Barry Byrne

Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics Department

Michelle Cardel, PhD

Nutrition, obesity, weight management, & health disparities

Neuroscience Department

Paramita Chakrabarty, PhD

Immune activation in elderly dementias, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & tauopathies

Paramita Chakrabarty

Aging & Geriatric Research Department

David Clark, ScD

Optimizing mobility in the neurologically impaired, including the elderly & individuals recovering from a stroke or spinal cord injury

David Clark

Clinical & Health Psychology Department

Ronald Cohen, PhD

Neuroimaging, age-associated cognitive & brain dysfunction, neurodegenerative disorders

Ronald Cohen

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Martin Cohn, PhD

Molecular control of external genital patterning in mammals

Martin Cohn

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Patrick Concannon, PhD

Molecular control of external genital patterning in mammals

Epidemiology Department

Robert Cook, MPH-MD

Relation of alcohol & drug use to risky behavior & STD infection

Robert Cook

Epidemiology Department

Linda Cottler, MPH-PhD

Epidemiology, addiction, community based research, interventions, health disparities, global health

Linda Cottler

Community Dentistry Department

Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, MSPH, PhD

Mechanisms involved in age-related pain perception & modulation in humans

Biostatistics Department

Somnath Datta, PhD

Applying biostatistical approaches to autism & spinal cord injury

Somnath Datta

Oral Biology Department

Mary Davey, PhD

Microbial genetics & biofilms, inter-species (P. gingivalis & oral streptococci) & host-microbe interactions

Mary Davey

Infectious Diseases & Immunology Department

Rhoel Dinglasan, MPH-PhD

Human malaria parasites Plasmodium falciparum & P. vivax, & Anopheles mosquito midgut

Anesthesiology Department

Sylvain Dore, PhD

Pioneering preventions to neuronal dysfunction resulting from stroke, TBI, Alzheimer’s Disease, & aging

Institute for Therapeutics & Innovation Department

George Drusano, MD

Mathematical modeling & pharmacodynamics of anti-infective chemotherapy

George Drusano

Surgery Department

Philip Efron, MD

Effect of aging on the myelopoietic response to trauma & sepsis

Philip Efron

Physiology & Functional Genomics Department

Karyn Esser, PhD

Role of circadian rhythms & the molecular clock mechanism in skeletal muscle homeostasis & health

Karyn Esser

Neurology Department

Matthew Farrer, PhD

Application of genetic analysis to complex neurological disorders

Matthew Farrer

Biomedical Engineering Department

Daniel Ferris, PhD

Biomechanics & neural control of human locomotion, both in health & disability

Daniel Ferris

Biomedical Engineering Department

Thomas Foster, PhD

Biomechanics & neural control of human locomotion, both in health & disability

Thomas Foster

Pathology Department

Kristianna Fredenburg, MD-PhD

Pathogenesis of head & neck cancers among racial & ethnic groups in the United States

Kristianna Fredenburg

Oral Biology Department

Jorge Frias-Lopez, PhD

Complex human microbial systems & their interactions with the host

Jorge Frias-Lopez

Physical Therapy Department

David Fuller, PhD

Neuroplasticity, spinal cord injury, control of breathing, neurophysiology & respiratory physiology

David Fuller

Neuroscience Department

Benoit Giasson, PhD

Cellular mechanisms & molecular interactions involved in neurodegenerative diseases

Benoit Giasson

Neuroscience Department

Todd Golde, MD-PhD

Biologic, gene therapy based, & small molecule therapies for Alzheimer’s disease & other neurodegenerative diseases

Todd Golde

Physical Therapy Department

Elisa Gonzalez-Rothi, PhD

Therapies to treat motor deficits following chronic spinal cord injury

Elisa Gonzalez-Rothi

Department of Medicine_Nephrology Division

Michelle Gumz, PhD

Regulation of sodium transport by the circadian clock in the kidney

Biomedical Engineering Department

Aysegul Gunduz, PhD

Neural markers of movement disorders; deep brain stimulation; closed-loop neuromodulation

Aysegul Gunduz

Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics Department

Matthew Gurka, PhD

Biostatistical approaches to improved measurement of metaboli syndrome & cardiovascular risk

Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics Department

Christopher Harle, MD

Design, adoption, use & value of health information systems for patient-doctor communication & research

Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences Department

Karen Hegland, PhD

Mechanisms of normal & disordered airway protection

Karen Hegland

Department of Medicine_Hematology/ Oncology Division

Coy Heldermon, MD-PhD

Gene replacement & stem cell therapies to treat lysosomal storage diseases

Coy Heldermon

Neurosurgery Department

Brian Hoh, MD

Biological mechanisms of cerebral aneurysm formation & rupture

Biomedical Engineering Department

Gregory Hudalla, PhD

Nanomaterials engineered to direct immune responses for disease prophylaxis, implants, and immuno-therapies

Gregory Hudalla

Department of Medicine_Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Division

Christian Jobin, PhD

Establishing mechanisms controlling host-bacteria interaction in the intestine during health & disease

Christian Jobin

Physical Therapy Department

Andrew Judge, PhD

Molecular signaling pathways leading to skeletal muscle atrophy caused by disuse, disease, sepsis & aging

Andrew Judge

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Stephanie Karst, PhD

The interplay between enteric viruses, the intestinal microbiota, & the host mucosal immune system

Stephanie Karst

Pharmacodynamics Department

Maureen Keller-Wood

Physiologic adaptations to pregnancy & effects of maternal physiology on fetal maturation & growth

Maureen Keller-Wood

Biomedical Engineering Department

Benjamin Keselowsky, PhD

Biomaterials & controlled release systems for vaccines, immuno-therapies & implants

Benjamin Keselowsky

Neuroscience Department

Habibeh Khoshbouei, PhD

Dopamine neuro-transmission regulation, pathogenesis of addiction, neurological & neuropsychiatric disorders

Habibeh Khoushbouei

Pharmacodynamics Department

Eric Krause, PhD

Central nervous system’s coordination of behavioral & physiological responses to stress

Eric Krause

Aging & Geriatric Research Department

Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, PhD

Biology of aging, free radicals, oxidative stress, & muscle atrophy

Christiaan Leeuwenburgh

Oral Biology Department

Jose Lemos, PhD

Virulence mechanisms of the Gram-positive pathogens

Jose Lemos

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Alfred Lewin, PhD

Applying RNA-mediated gene therapies to inherited & age-related retinal disease

Neuroscience Department

Jada Lewis, PhD

Generating constitutive & inducible model systems for the study of proteins & cellular pathways

Jada Lewis

Epidemiology Department

Catalina Lopez-Quintero, MD-PhD

Neurocognitive processes & sociocultural factors at the root of drug use & HIV/AIDS disparities

Catalina Lopez Quintero

College of Nursing Dean’s Office Department

Debra Lyon, PhD

Symptom management in women with breast cancer

Debra Lyon

Health Education & Behavior Department

Mildred Maldonado-Molina, PhD

Reducing health disparities in alcohol use & alcohol-related consequences among minority children & adolescents

Mildred Maldonado Molina

Aging & Geriatric Research Department

Todd Manini, PhD

Physical exercise to prevent disability in healthy & frail older adults; mechanisms leading to sarcopenia & functional decline

Clinical & Health Psychology Department

Michael Marsiske, PhD

Cognitive aging & behavioral interventions strategies; statistical modeling

Michael Marsiske

Pharmacology & Therapeutics Department

Jeffrey Martens, PhD

Sensory neuropharmacology & cardiovascular pharmacology

Oral Biology Department

Luis Martinez, PhD

Mechanisms of fungal brain invasion & colonization; Host-pathogen interactions & immunology

Luis Martinez

Psychiatry Department

Carol Mathews, MD

Causes & neural underpinnings of OCD & anxiety spectrum disorders

Carol Mathews

Pathology Department

Clayton Mathews, PhD

Genetic factors expressed at the level of the pancreatic islet that provide resistance to autoimmune diabetes

Environmental & Global Health Department

Anthony Maurelli, PhD

Molecular genetics & pathogenesis of Chlamydia & Shigella

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Lauren McIntyre, PhD

Statistical analysis of genomic, proteomic & other “omic” data

Lauren McIntyre

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Department

Matthew Merritt, PhD

Tracer based analysis of intermediary metabolism

Matthew Merritt

Neurosurgery Department

Duane Mitchell, MD-PhD

Immunopathology, immunotherapy, & neuro-oncology

Physical Therapy Department

Gordon Mitchell, PhD

Respiratory motor neuron plasticity, intermittent hypoxia, spinal injury, ALS, inflammation

Gordon Mitchell

Surgery Department

Lyle Moldawer, PhD

Inflammation biology & the role of cytokines in burn, sepsis & wound healing

Lyle Moldawer

Infectious Diseases & Immunology Department

Julie Moore, PhD

Pathogenesis in malaria, & its effects on the placenta

Julie Moore

Pathology Department

Laurence Morel, PhD

Molecular & functional characterization of genes affecting T cell effector functions & cellular mechanisms, B cell tolerance & functional differentiation

Laurence Morel

Child Health Research Institute Department

Eric Nelson, MD-PhD

Software & data collection techniques to facilitate translational research in pediatric infectious disease

Eric Nelson

Psychiatry Department

Sara Nixon, PhD

Addiction, aging, neurobehavior, neuro-physiology, sex differences, co-morbidities, & health disparities

Sara Nixon

Neurology Department

Michael Okun, MD

Non-motor basal ganglia brain features & the cognitive, behavioral, & mood effects of deep brain stimulation

Michael Okun

Biomedical Engineering Department

Kevin Otto, PhD

Neural engineering, device-tissue interfaces & neurostimulation

Kevin Otto

Infectious Diseases & Immunology Department

David Pascual, PhD

Mucosal immunology & vaccines

David Pascual

Epidemiology Department

Thomas Pearson, MD, MPH, PhD

Epidemiology & prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Dr Thomas A. Pearson

Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences Department

Emily Plowman, PhD

Upper aerodigestive tract function in individuals with neurologic disease & the associated processes of speech, breathing and swallowing

Clinical & Health Psychology Department

Catherine Price, PhD

Adult neuropsychology, dementia, movement disorders, post-operative cognitive dysfunction, white matter & cognition

Epidemiology Department

Mattia Prosperi, PhD

Biomedical modelling & ‘big data’ mining focused on precision medicine & translational science

Mattia Prosperi

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Laura Ranum, PhD

Human genetics, genetic mapping, positional cloning, transgenic models

Laura Ranum

Department of Medicine_Rheumatology Division

Westley Reeves, MD

Regulatory cell populations in the regulation of innate & acquired immune responses

Westley Reeves

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Rolf Renne, PhD

Kaposi’s sarcoma-associated Herpesvirus (KSHV), the leading cause of AIDS-associated cancer

Rolf Renne

Chemical Engineering Department

Carlos Rinaldi, PhD

Testing the interactions of magnetic nanoparticles with cells & tissues

Carlos Rinaldi

Neurology Department

Diego Rincon-Limas, PhD

Defining the molecular pathways leading to neurodegeneration

Diego Rincon-Limas

Clinical & Health Psychology Department

Mike Robinson, PhD

Management of pain, experimental pain & psychophysics, rehabilitation, psychophysiology

Mike Robinson

Neurosurgery Department

Elias Sayour, MD-PhD

Training the immune system to fight cancer with lipid nanoparticles

Elias Sayour

Department of Pediatrics- Unassigned

Desmond Schatz, MD

Prediction, natural history, genetics, immunopathogenesis & prevention of Type 1 Diabetes

Department of Medicine_Nephrology Division

Mark Segal, MD-PhD

Cardiovascular disease in diabetics, patients with chronic kidney disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, & women with preeclampsia

Mark Segal

Surgery Department

Ashish Sharma, MBBS-PhD

Molecular mechanisms of aortic aneurysm pathogenesis

Ashish Sharma

Biomedical Engineering Department

Blanka Sharma, PhD

Interactions between stem cells & diseased/injured tissues, nanoparticle-based targeted drug/gene delivery systems & tissue engineering scaffolds

Blanka Sharma

Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics Department

Elizabeth Shenkman, PhD

Reducing cancer-related health disparities for adults & children through implementation of evidence-based best practices for risk detection & treatment

Elizabeth Shenkman

Radiation Oncology Department

Dietmar Siemann, PhD

Improving cancer patient care with experimental approaches & treatment strategies

Dietmar Siemann

Clinical & Health Psychology Department

Glenn Smith, PhD

Cognitive aging & dementia

Glenn Smith

Department of Pediatrics- Cellular & Molecular Therapy

Arun Srivastava, PhD

Development of recombinant parvovirus vectors for human gene therapy

Arun Srivastava

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Maurice Swanson, PhD

Biology & therapy for RNA processing disorders

Maurice Swanson

Pharmacology & Therapeutics Department

Hugh Sweeney, PhD

Molecular motors, muscle injury & disease, gene transfer into striated muscle, myofibrillogenesis

Neuroscience Department

Mariadelourdes Tansey, PhD

Neuroinflammatory & immune system responses in gene-environment interactions leading to neurologic disease

Malu Tansey

Surgery Department

Ryan Thomas, MD

Molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis & chemoresistance in pancreatic cancer

Ryan Thomas

Neurosurgery Department

David Tran, MD-PhD

Mechanism of cancer metastasis and dormancy

Surgery Department

Jose Trevino Jr., MD

Pancreatic BMS Cancer Biology (Medicine), tumor signaling & chemoresistance

Jose Trevino

Surgery Department

Gilbert Upchurch, MD

How a complex cascade of injury & repair contributes to aortic aneurysms until inflammatory cells degrade the vessel walls

Gilbert Upchurch

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology Department

David Vaillancourt, PhD

Motor control, motor disorders, neurological disorders, brain structure & function

Physical Therapy Department

Krista Vandenborne, PhD

Pathophysiology of muscle atrophy & muscle regeneration, viral mediated gene therapy in muscle rehabilitation

Krista Vandenborne

Department of Medicine_Infectious Diseases Division

Amy Vittor, PhD

Interface between vector-borne disease & land use

Amy Vittor

Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics Department

Walter Vogel, PhD

Analyses of intervention effects for Medicaid & VA cost, utilization, & outcomes in observational settings

Walter Vogel

Physiological Sciences Department

Christopher Vulpe, MD-PhD

Toxicity of chemicals & nanomaterials in aquatic ecosystems, genetic factors that influence iron status in mammals

Christopher Vulpe

Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Department

Eric Wang, PhD

Novel deep sequencing to study pathogenesis of myotonic dystrophy & develop therapeutics

Eric Wang

Biobehavioral Nursing Sciences Department

Diana Wilkie, PhD

Management of cancer pain & end-of-life issues

Diana Wilkie

Clinical & Health Psychology Department

Adam Woods, PhD

Novel cognitive & neuro-inflammation neuroimaging biomarkers & intervention approaches

Adam Woods

Biostatistics Department

Samuel Wu, PhD

Adaptive design of clinical trials & simultaneous statistical inference

Samuel Wu

Anatomy & Cell Biology Department

Maria Zajac-Kaye, PhD

Mechanisms of oncogenic transformation

Maria Zajac-Kaye

Surgery Department

Ali Zarrinpar, MD-PhD

Ischemia/reperfusion injury as a source of organ damage in transplantation, myocardial infarction, stroke, & peripheral vascular disease

Ali Zarrinpar

Epidemiology Department

Jinying Zhao, MD-PhD

Genetic epidemiology & statistical genetics for complex human diseases

Jinying Zhao

Infectious Diseases & Immunology Department

Liang Zhou, MD-PhD

Transcriptional regulation of intestinal immune responses

Liang Zhou

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Neuroscience Department

Loic Deleyrolle, MD

Metabolic interactions between tumor cells and the immune system in GBM