Two-Week Orientation
July | MS1 MD-PhD Scholar Orientation

MD-PhD Group Photo

The incoming UF MD-PhD scholars arrive two weeks prior to the Medical Student Orientation in the second week of July.

Four Parts of the Orientation



Overview of the eight-year program plan and UF MD-PhD Milestones Checklist located in the MD-PhD Handbook


Summer Course

Participation in a summer course: GMS7093 – Introduction to Clinical/Translational Research (ICTR)

A major activity of the orientation is the course, GMS 7093: Introduction to Clinical/Translational Research, sponsored by the UF CTSA and directed by Ronald Shorr, MD, MPH. This course is convened from 2:00-5:00 p.m. daily, for eleven days, featuring 2-4 didactic lectures per day on topics related to clinical and translational research, plus a one-hour small group activity, including development of a mock research protocol.

An important aspect of the ICTR course is its inclusion of trainees from all over the UF AHC, including other graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, career development awardees (K series), and faculty newly arriving at UF HSC. This provides scholars the opportunity for early exposure to other biomedical scientists.