Mentored Research

Entering Research

Taken at the beginning of their GS1 year, Entering Research is an evidence-based, interactive curriculum that introduces trainees to the culture of research and teaches them skills for successfully navigating their mentoring relationships.

Matching Incoming Scholars with Mentors/Laboratories/PhD Programs

Scholars have their initial mentored research experience in MS1 and MS2, when they are required to participate in 2-3 rotations in laboratories in which they consider conducting their dissertation research. Laboratories are identified from the list of UF MD-PhD mentors, with the assistance of one or more faculty from the MD-PhD Directorate, the mentor’s background and research interests, and funding.

Mentored Research for PhD Degree

Research Poster BoardsThe Program Mentor and Scholar should meet regularly during the Scholar’s GS1 year to develop an Individual Development  Plan (IDP), which includes didactics, mentored research, and career development activities. The IDP is developed by the Scholar, reviewed and endorsed by the Mentor, and submitted to the MD-PhD Directorate for review and approval.

The research should allow a dissertation proposal to be developed for presentation and approval according to the rules of the Department and Graduate School. The Scholar will be asked to create a multidisciplinary mentoring committee to provide advice not only on the research, but also on professional and skill development. Each Scholar should identify a clinical mentor (please see Clinical Training) and preferably two additional faculty from different disciplines/departments/colleges.