md-phd graduate students

Let’s congratulate our MD-PhD Program’s 2021 Medical Guild Winners!

Congratulations, Yuxing Xia, Emily Helm, and William Dodd, on your outstanding research presentations in the Biomedical Sciences PhD Program! Your award selections at the Medical Guild Research Symposium speaks volumes of your dedication and effort for such an excellent outcome.

Gold Award Winner
Yuxing Xia (Neuroscience)
Mentor: Benoit Giasson, Ph.D.
“Pathogenic tau promotes the formation of brain inclusions and
brain-gut degeneration in tau SPAM mice”.

Silver Award Winners
Emily Helm (Immunology and Microbiology)
Mentor: Stephanie Karst, Ph.D.
“A novel neonatal mouse model of norovirus diarrhea to elucidate
mechanisms of disease induction.”

Bronze Award Winners
William Dodd (Physiology and Functional Genomics)
Mentor: Brian Hoh, M.D.
“Peptide hormone adropin is protective after subarachnoid hemorrhage”

MD-PhD Graduate Students

CONGRATULATIONS on your successful publication, “Precision therapeutic targets for COVID-19”

Four of our outstanding scholars, Yuxing Xia, Zachary Krumm, Connor Francis, and Lith Nasif, successfully completed a publication in Virology Journal, which hypothesizes that the development of a multi-drug cocktail targeting precise proteins, critical to the viral replication cycle, will help to inhibit COVID-19 replication and reduce its spread, as well as help to combat future coronaviruses.

MD-PhD Graduate Students

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