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The University of Florida’s MD-PhD Community

The University of Florida’s MD-PhD community comprises a diverse group of trainees, administrators and faculty, all focused on applying the latest advances in learning and research to training each cohort of future physician-scientists. We welcome applications to join the program from US citizens and permanent residents, and we make special efforts to recruit under-represented individuals in biomedical sciences, especially Black and Hispanic students, those with disabilities and/or those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Current MD-PhD fellows are heavily involved in the administration of the program and in the selection and recruitment of future students.

Learn about how we support our MD-PhD Students

The University of Florida has committed to the full support of 8 MD-PhD students each new year, beginning in 2019 for the entire 8-year period of their physician-scientist training. While the method of support (NIH training or research grant, institutional funds) may vary, these forms of support will be available to all MD-PhD students:

  • Stipend & Tuition
  • Health insurance
  • Student Fees
  • Travel Funds

Meet our newest (MS-1) Cohort!

Aditya Mahadevan

Lith Nasif

Chloe Warpinski

Meet our MS-2 Trainees

Katelyn Flaherty

Katelyn Flaherty

Phillip Mackie

Phillip Mackie

Amy Peiper

Amy Peiper

Kelly Walters

Kelly Walters

Learn about the transition to Graduate School

The Directorate works closely with mentors to make sure that trainees reach milestones in their Individual Development Plans during the PhD training.

Meet our GS-1 Trainees

Meet our GS-2 Trainees

Learn about our Wellness Committee

A subcommittee of the MD-PhD Scholar Council, the Wellness Committee fosters trainee camaraderie using financial support from the Program Directorate. Members of the Wellness Committee focus on planning events and activities to foster peer support & long-lasting relationships between scholars.

Meet our GS-3 Trainees

Zachary Sorrentino

Zachary Sorrentino

Meet our GS-4 Trainees

Learn about the Transition back to Medical School

Clinical skills and clinical mentoring during PhD: Addressing the challenge of starting clinical training after several years of graduate school, Scholars may shadow physicians (Clinical Mentors) throughout the research training period, specifically increasing in frequency several weeks before beginning clinical clerkships. Trainees will have the opportunity to choose a primary Clinical Mentor for mentoring, as well as attend case presentations and patient rounds with other Clinical Mentors.

Reimmersion: A reimmersion program run by students and faculty will help enhance trainee skills (dexterity) and readiness (mental preparation, patient H&P, clinical presentations) to begin their clinical training.

Meet our MS-3 Trainees

Garrett Smith, PhD

Garrett Smith

Robert Eisinger, PhD

Robert Eisinger

Mathew Sebastian, PhD

Mathew Sebastian

Henrietta Fasanya, PhD

Henrietta Fasanya

Meet our MS-4 Trainees

Hunter Futch, PhD

Hunter Futch

Adam Grippin, PhD

Adam Grippin

Tyler Wildes, PhD

Tyler Wildes

Learn about Transitioning to Practice

The Directorate recognizes their responsibility to assure that the benefits of the training program are not lost during the two years required by the trainees to complete their MD. Scholars in late MS3 and MS4 years will meet with Dr. Zarrinpar to identify research-oriented postgraduate medical training. A number of Physician Scientists Training Programs (PSTP) have been identified.