MD-PhD Core Curriculum Courses

As a reflection of the paradigm of Clinical Translational Science (CTS), adopted as the organizing principle for the training of our MD-PhD scholars, the following Clinical Translational Science (CTS) core curriculum has been introduced as required coursework . Below is a listing of the courses and the suggested time period that they are to be taken, although individual trainee course requirements within their graduate programs may dictate the actual scheduling of courses.


• BMS 6912        Clinical Research Practicum

Taken during Summer prior to start of the first year of Medical School

• GMS 7039        Introduction to Clinical Translational Research

Taken during the Summer as part of Clinical Research Practicum

• GMS 7877        Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research (RCR)

Taken during the Spring of the 1st year of graduate work

• GMS  5905      Biomedical Grant Writing

Taken during the Summer after the 1st year of graduate work


MD-PhD Advanced Curriculum

The number of additional courses required will depend on which PhD program you are in. For example, in the College of Medicine, you must take at least six (6) credits of advanced coursework and a journal club course each Fall and Spring.