Stipends and Tuition

The MD-PhD Training Program offers a full stipend scholarship and tuition waiver for up to 8 new students each year for the entire period of their training. During the graduate portion (GS1-GS4) of the training, MD-PhD students are appointed as Graduate Research Assistants and receive tuition remission and a stipend per year according to the policies of the PhD Program (and program concentration, where applicable). The stipend and tuition remission may be funded by the mentor’s research grant, an NIH training grant, or other institutional funds.

Health Insurance

MD-PhD students are also eligible for free graduate student health insurance during their PhD training. Students must have coverage all years of training, including time in the research laboratory. Health insurance must provide coverage for all internal and external training sites.


Effective immediately with the Spring 2020 semester:

  1. If the mentor or home department of the MD-PhD student is in the practice of paying for GRA student fees from grants or any other sources for other PhD students, student fees for the MD-PhD student should covered the same way.
  2. For MD-PhD students with mentors in other departments, IN-STATE student fees will be covered by the MD-PhD program as a scholarship from the COM.

Travel Funds

The UF MD-PHD has limited funds budgeted for research-related travel each year.  It is recognized that an important aspect of the GS1-4 and MS3-4 years is the attendance at national research meetings for learning about a potential field for a career and the presentation of dissertation research.