Commitment and Efforts to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion

UF Diversity Weej

The MD-PhD Directorate is passionate about the recruitment and retention of individuals underrepresented in biomedical sciences, which include Blacks/African-Americans, Hispanic-Latinos, and Native Americans, and those with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds. We aim to retain these diverse individuals through programs jointly implemented with the University of Florida Clinical & Translational Institute (CTSI) Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion.

UF has a documented history of dedication and success at recruiting under-represented in Medicine (URM) undergraduate students and preparing them for professional or academic training. Since 2017, UF ranks #1 in URM undergraduates applying to US medical schools (#3 for Black/African Americans and #2 for Hispanic/Latinos). Our graduate school enrollment level has increased its URM enrollment from 10% to 13% as recorded over the past 10 years. We rank 2nd among all US Universities in the number of Black or African American and Hispanic/Latino undergraduate students receiving degrees in Biological and Biomedical Sciences. UF ranks 4th among all US universities in the number of Black/African Americans and Hispanic/Latino students receiving doctoral degrees. We aim to build recruitment and retention efforts that share our University’s undergraduate recruitment success.

UF has prioritized accessibility for students challenged with differing abilities. Through the Disability Resource Center, students and trainees can receive a variety of “Disability Accommodations and Services.” The University is ADA-compliant, and all spaces used by trainees are accessible.