Students in this combined degree program are truly exceptional. They have met the stringent admissions requirements of both the Medical Admissions Committee of the College of Medicine and the Advisory Committee of the MD-PhD program. Over 30 applicants vie for each position in our medical school class. Of the applicants selected for interview each year, 20-25 express interest in the combined degree and are evaluated independently by both committees. Successful applicants have demonstrated academic superiority, a strong humanitarian commitment, and significant prior research experience. The latter is documented by one or more years of independent research that may have led to scientific publications or presentations or to an undergraduate degree with special honors. Applications are encouraged from women and under-represented minority students.

MD-PhD applicants are strongly encouraged to arrange their interview dates based upon their medical admissions interview date. On the Thursday before each of these dates, we will arrange an interview with the MD-PhD Training Program Director, a current trainee and an advisory committee member in the afternoon along with a social event in the evening.

Candidates for the program must satisfy admission requirements for the College of Medicine and the Graduate School. The process begins with standard application to the Medical Selection Committee. All candidates who receive the supplemental application forms will be given the option to apply for the MD-PhD program. Successful applicants are expected to achieve outstanding scores on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and to have superior intellectual accomplishments and genuine interests in human welfare and pursuing an academic career. The GRE, which had previously been required forĀ  admission to the UF Graduate School for the PhD portion of the combined degree, has been waived for MD-PhD scholars and is no longer required. .

Students already enrolled in medical school may apply to the MD-PhD program. Medical students interested in performing research during the 4-year medical curriculum have many opportunities available to them via the Medical Student Research Program, directed by Colin Sumners, Ph.D., which includes the COM Research Track, Summer Research Fellowships, Medical Student Research Day, and Graduation with Honors in Research. The COM Research Track is designed to afford medical students an opportunity to to perform an extended research project with a faculty mentor within their 4-year medical school curriculum. Research Track students interested in pursuing a MS or PhD degree may discuss this option with Dr. Sumners and/or Dr. McCormack.

More Information for Future Medical Students:

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