Future Students

MD-PhD Class and Program Size

The UF MD-PhD has matriculated four to six Scholars per year over the past 10 years with high rates of retention. Our recent program reorganization will allow additional Scholars to be added to allow recruitment of 6-10 Scholars per year, with an eventual goal of 64 MD-PhD Scholars (8 per year class size).

Commitment and Efforts to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion

UF Diversity

UF Diversity Week 2019

The MD-PhD Directorate is passionate about the recruitment and retention of individuals underrepresented in biomedical sciences, which include Blacks/African-Americans, Hispanic-Latinos, and Native Americans, and those with disabilities or from disadvantaged backgrounds. We aim to retain these diverse individuals through programs jointly implemented with the University of Florida Clinical & Translational Institute (CTSI) Working Group on Diversity and Inclusion.

UF has a documented history of dedication and success at recruiting under-represented in Medicine (URM) undergraduate students and preparing them for professional or academic training. Since 2017, UF ranks #1 in URM undergraduates applying to US medical schools (#3 for Black/African Americans and #2 for Hispanic/Latinos). Our graduate school enrollment level has increased its URM enrollment from 10% to 13% as recorded over the past 10 years. We rank 2nd among all US Universities in the number of Black or African American and Hispanic/Latino undergraduate students receiving degrees in Biological and Biomedical Sciences. UF ranks 4th among all US universities in the number of Black/African Americans and Hispanic/Latino students receiving doctoral degrees. We aim to build recruitment and retention efforts that share our University’s undergraduate recruitment success.

UF has prioritized accessibility for students challenged with differing abilities. Through the Disability Resource Center, students and trainees can receive a variety of “Disability Accommodations and Services.” The University is ADA-compliant, and all spaces used by trainees are accessible.

Scholar Review and Selection

UF College of Medicine (COM) seeks to attract and retain MD-PhD Scholars who are highly prepared and motivated for roles as physician-scientists. The Admission process involves a holistic review of all applications, recognizing that MD-PhD candidates must be considered with different criteria in the context of their unique career interests. The parallel reviews, interviewing, and selection processes then emphasize regular communication between the MD-PhD Recruitment and Selection Committee and the COM Admissions Office. Those applying to the MD-PhD Program are reviewed by both MD reviewer and MD-PhD reviewers. The MD-PhD Directorate have access to applications of all MD-PhD candidates. Either the COM Admissions Office or the MD-PhD Program Recruitment and Selection committee may identify outstanding candidates for a potential interview. Those who meet eligibility criteria from both programs will be invited for an interview. The MD-PhD candidates will be invited in groups of 4-6 candidates on Thursdays between August and February. The MD-PhD Program and its Scholars are responsible for hospitality and programming for the first day. The MD-PhD Recruitment and Selection Committee will complete a holistic assessment of the candidate’s potential as a physician-scientist. The applicant will then join the regular MD applicants for the Friday interview day. Applicants are then evaluated at the Medical School Interview Committee (MSIC) evaluation meeting at which MD-PhD Recruitment and Selection Committee Member will attend and participate in the decision of candidates to recommend for admission. Candidates recommended for admission by the MSIC are referred to the Medical School Admissions Committee (MSAC). In accordance with LCME accreditation standards, the MSAC (including faculty representation from the MD-PhD Program) make all final decisions on admissions to the medical student class. Faculty members from the Office of Diversity and Health Equity participate as members of MSAC.

Participation of MD-PhD Scholars in Admission Process

One or two MD-PhD Scholars will sit on the Directorate/OBRCD as representative of the UF MD-PhD Scholar Council. This will usually be the Chair of the Scholar Council; a Co-chair will also be named so that Scholar representation will not be interrupted by clinical or research responsibilities. MD-PhD Scholars will host candidates invited to the MD-PhD interview. The MD-PhD Scholars will also have lunch with applicants, providing applicants with an opportunity to talk with several MD-PhD Scholars. Additionally, each applicant will be interviewed by 1-2 MD-PhD Scholars.

Admission to UF MD-PhD After MS1-2 Years of Medical School

Not infrequently, UF Medical students develop an interest in physician-scientist training, after learning more about the program, speaking with COM Faculty during the preclinical courses, or a positive research experience during their summer between MS1 and MS2. Medical Students who wish to be considered for a MD-PhD position in GS1 should meet with one of the Directorate to discuss their interest.

The following would be required by the Recruitment and Selection Committee:

  1. A letter of application to the Recruitment and Selection Committee, describing the reason for their interest in the MD PhD Program;
  2. An updated CV; and
  3. A plan for GS1-GS4 years of graduate school, including: a letter of support from a mentor or mentoring committee who qualifies as an MD-PhD mentor; the PhD Program in which the dissertation would be performed, including discussions with the Program Director; and a Financial plan to support stipend and tuition for GS1-4.

The Recruitment and Selection Committee would then determine if the applicant should be matriculated into the MD-PhD. Admission may also be determined by availability of funds for MS3 and MS4 years.