Administrative Offices
Administrative Office and Meeting Facilities

Communicore Bldg. MapThe Directorate will be physically located in the fourth floor of the Clinical and Translational Science Building (CTRB room 4210) where Dr. Pearson and Mrs. Gipson occupy two offices in the Department of Epidemiology. These offices are one floor above the administrative offices of the UF Clinical and Translational Science Award, which administers this Program.

The Office of Biomedical Research and Career Development (OBRCD) will administer most Program activities. It occupies a sizable suite of offices (2,500 square feet) on the ground floor of the Communicore Building (floor plan illustrated), including medium and small conference rooms furnished with distance learning technologies, rooms for Scholar Committees to convene, and offices for Coordinators and Data Manager.

The UF HSC Graduate Student Lounge lies adjacent to the OBRCD and is a 1,250 sq.ft. facility accessible by MD-PhD students with their UF I.D. for networking, lunch and breaks, etc. Graduate students helped design the space, which features natural light and includes three Apple TVs, two refrigerators, and two microwaves.